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We use Pay per click campaigns to help Nigeria small businesses increase traffic, conversions, ROI and store visit, using effective PPC strategies that are result focused, driven by data analytics and intelligent designs

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Ignite Growth with our PPC Management Agency

We know that the primary goal of every business is to acquire new customer, boost retention and maximize profit, and we’ll develop ROI driven strategies, build out and manage pay per click advertising campaigns that achieve these goals.

OceanLeads Digital agency is a full service result focused Pay Per Click management company that will increase traffic, sales, calls and store visits for your business by leveraging Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media channel

We go beyond Facebook Ads & Google Ads

we'll help you leverage other marketing channels that drives enormous conversion

How we can drive growth

Everything Pay Per Click Advertising

We’ll help your small business increase sales, phone calls, traffic and store visit with a PPC management services that won’t waste your marketing budget

PPC Management Services

Let’s help you increase your business revenue, ROI and profit, with tactical and data-driven PPC management services that works

Activate Growth for Your Business

Experience real growth and achieve that desired goals for your business with PPC management services drives profitable results
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Comprehensive PPC Audit

Want better result from your existing campaigns without spending much? It starts with an in-depth PPC audit that discover growth opportunities.

Let's Make Pay Per Click Work for You

You can get an in-depth audit and heuristic analysis of your campaigns by one of PPC specialist who are growth experts
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PPC Consultation Services

We are happy talking to you about your plans and business goals and how it can be achieved with Pay per click advertising campaigns

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Data-driven PPC Management Agency that drives higher ROI

wondering what makes us different from other Nigeria Pay Per Click management agencies and how we can achieve results that profits your business, OceanLeads digital agency stands out from others because;

  • We use data to create and optimize your PPC campaigns
  • Our team uses strategy that crushes the competition and drives results
  • We create Adcopy and ads creatives that converts
  • We do a comprehensive research before creating a campaign
  • We track, measure and optimize the effect of these campaigns on sales and other goals you want to achieve for your small business
  • We create, personalize and optimize your ads landing pages for better marketing results
  • We take you through the process of achieving this by providing you with monthly performance about your campaigns

Let’s show you the metrics you want to SEE…..

Transparency makes us unique, and we’ve also got this incorporated with how we treat our client, making our PPC management services 100% focused on the GROWTH of your business and it comes with monthly reporting and building a dashboard that shows how the campaigns we create for you are performing and what goals they are achieving for your brand.

We create Google Search Ads that converts….

We know you have an active PPC campaign that is not driving that result you want?

Thinking like scientist is something we do here in our PPC management company, we audit, observe, experiment and document for later implementation. Let’s audit your existing and active campaigns and show you what you are doing  wrong and why it’s not effective.

The PPC channels we’ll use to help your business achieve those goals you think is impossible…

Google Search Ads

Taking advantage of the intents that comes with the search query that is entered by users on the GOOGLE search bar, our search engine marketing agency, creates Google paid search campaigns that don’t just drive impressions, but profitable clicks and conversions.


Bing Ads

Bing in Nigeria might have a very low search market share, but leaving this channel out of your SEM battle plan can cost your business to lose prospects who can be converted into lifetime value customers. We leverage Bing Ads for higher ROI


Facebook Ads

Almost every business in Nigeria has done or are doing Facebook Ads, but our research and audit on different Facebook Ad campaigns, shows that they just waste their ads budget without achieving their goals, because they lack the right strategy, funnel, ad creative and are not data-driven with their marketing


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a social network that has a lot data that can be used for B2B marketing, lead generation, traffic acquisition and also for targeting professionals and decision makers in different companies. We help you leverage this channel in maximizing conversion for your business.


Google Display Ads

Google display network gives you the opportunity to leverage detailed targeting and reaching your target audience with rich media ads, images and HTML ads. Whether you want to remarket, reach similar audience or reach new audience we’ll help do this with GDN 


YouTube Ads

Research has shown that video content performs better than text and image, it’s the most consumed and engaged with. Google Ads gives you the ability to reach your desired market audience with YouTube videos ads, maximize sales, leads, phone call, and store visits.

100% Result oriented PPC Management Services

We also rock these channels for your brand GROWTH
The PPC Management Footprint to our Success

We target the audience that matters for your business to make profit, with the right Adcopy to ignite desire for your product or services

We build Psychology and customer behavior integrated PPC strategies & campaigns for absolute ROI maximization

Optimization is a way of live in our digital agency and we do that for all your campaigns and landing pages

Let’s move your marketing from irrelevant impressions to clicks that triggers enormous conversions without increasing your marketing budget

A team of digital marketers who are certified by Google…

we have a team of passionate data-driven digital marketers who are Google certified in areas such as;

  • Google search ads
  • Google display Network
  • Google video advertising (YouTube)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio

Our ongoing 100% Result focused PPC Management process

  • Provision of your account manager who is a PPC specialist
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Bespoke PPC strategy development
  • Identifying Keyword opportunities for your business
  • Intensive placement research for instantaneous result
  • CRO engineering + landing page design
  • Intelligent Adcopy creation to trigger desire
  • Ad creatives designs creation
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Continuous optimization program and PPC audit
  • Bidding strategy development
  • PPC campaign creation and monitoring
  • Negative keyword research and addition
  • Exclusion of placement that don’t convert
  • Identifying and excluding fraudulent clicks
  • Data-driven retargeting and remarketing campaign
  • Experimenting/Split testing
  • Dashboard creation and monthly reporting
  • Goal measuring and optimization
  • Daily ads management
  • Bidding management and modification
  • Heuristic analysis using data in your digital an web analytics for decision making and optimization

With lot more included, just for you to experience, Launch a Campaign With OceanLeads Digital Agency Today

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