Discover what drives growth.
Understand your website’s data.
Gain actionable business insight.

We are a data-driven digital and web analytics agency that will help you understand the KPIs that drives growth or negatively affects conversions maximization for your business. We accurately track your overall marketing performance, test and personalize your customer purchase journey using data, strategy and conversion optimized design.

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Activate Real Growth with Digital Analytics

We are Nigerian based digital analytics agency that uses data to insightfully develop your business, improve your customer experience and  make better executive and marketing decision that achieves your business and organization goals.

We are familiar with analytics tools like Google analytics, Yandex metrica, Hot Jar, Google Tag Manager and other industry leading web analytics tools. 

Our web analytics services ranges from consultation, implementation, personalization,  AB testing, auditing and optimization

growth focused web analytics agency

ROI driven personalization, that enhance your behavioral and psychology marketing for greater results

Business intelligence using clean data to reform your executive and marketing decision process

Conversion rate optimization and heuristic analysis on your marketing performance across different channels

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The Difference in Our Web Analytics Agency

Our digital analytics agency goes beyond being a google analytics agency, we make you see data from a different view that is targeted towards GROWTH, making you see beyond metrics and figures, but to see growth opportunities and business development possibilities.

OceanLeads digital analytics experts brings you closer to perfection, helping you set accurate parameter for collection of clean data that provides you with trusted actionable insights that makes achieving your business goals possible. We’ll help you define and measure success, by setting and tracking goals and customer interactions with your digital assets. 


We’ll tell you stories using data visualization

Helping you understand what’s working for your business, discovering the red flags and loop holes that is hurting conversions rate and growth and also spotting the gold mines that causes spontaneous business growth for your brand is our priority, our web analytics specialists uses data visualization to create a simple and interactive reporting dashboard that shows you the data need to act.

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Implementation and configuration

Measurement strategy development

Heuristic data analysis

Test, personalize and optimize

How we’ll help you with our digital analytics services

OceanLeads web analytics company uses a methodology that is data-driven and designed
for marketing excellence and business growth

Analytics audit and implementation

Making analysis that drives growth begins with collection of accurate data you can trust. We’ll help you accurately set-up or audit if you have web analytics configured on your digital assets to ensure your decision is based on clean data.

Google analytics services

Our data-driven web analytics services also cuts across google analytics management for your business, we’ll professionally set-up and integrate GA with your website(s), track and measure goals that aligns with your business objectives.

Data analysis & visualization

We are data enthusiast that wants you to understand what is working for your business and what’s not, we do this through heuristic analysis, building reporting & interactive dashboards and visually representing the data you need to act

Digital and web analytics consultation

Want to talk to us about data-driven marketing or how you can better improve your marketing performance to achieve goals that are driven by data, our digital analytics agency provides consultation that changes the way you think about marketing.

Experiment & Personalization

We’ll help you analyze your website visitor’s behavior and interaction with your digital asset, use it to experiment different elements and contents on your website that will improve user experience, boost conversions and engagement.

CRO Engineering

Optimizing for more conversions like leads acquisitions, phone calls, appointment and other custom goals that aligns with your business objectives is possible and we’ll help you achieve this using data, strategy, intelligent designs with behavioral marketing.

Why you should choose our web analytics agency to maximize conversions

  • Data enthusiast and driven by 
  • Good experience with industry leading analytical tools
  • We make you understand not only the metric, but your customer, so you can be a better business
  • Our Growth focused approach to digital analytics
  • We use a measurement strategy that is align with your business objectives
  • OceanLeads Digital uses these actionable insights for business intelligence that drives profitable results
  • Our knowledge about business development
  • Our awesome data analytics team that you would love to meet
  • We are GROWTH focused Nigeria based web and digital analytics agency

Some of the Industry leading analytics tools we use…

Would you like to know what is working for your brand without having to guess?

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